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How To Write Killer Headlines — Increase Traffic, Attract Readers And Make More Money

How To Write Better Headlines
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Like making a first impression, headlines are meant to hook people so they stop and read. And here’s the perfect tool for it.

Headlines are like first impressions. And you’ve got less than two seconds to make that first impression. DON’T WASTE IT. Some practical reasons why you want to hook your reader:

  • Drive traffic.
  • You want your readers to find you on search engines quickly.
  • Increase your subscribers.
  • Get subscribers to open your email.
  • Get more reads.
  • Increase your conversion rate.
  • Make more money.

Co-Schedule Headline Analyser

Co-schedule’s Headline Analyzer Studio is the best tool to help you write better headlines. This tool analyses and rates your headlines and provides suggestions for improving them.

The rating is between 0 to 100. A rating of over seventy is considered good. And no matter what your score, Headline Analyzer will give you suggestions on how to improve it. Here are critical areas for improvement:

Length of your headline

The ideal length of your headline should contain about seven words and be around 55 characters. These tend to get the most click-throughs, according to google.

The Use of Keywords

Keywords help your audience seek you out. So, make sure you include keywords in your headline. The keyword in my headline is, of course, headlines.

Use Emotional Words

  • Valuable
  • Money
  • Killer
  • Powerful
  • Absolutely
  • Danger
  • Brave
  • Wonderful

Use common words

Common words provide structure to a sentence. They are necessary and should make up no more than 20 to 30% of your headline.

  • How
  • Why
  • Things
  • A
  • What
  • Your
  • This

Use uncommon words

It would help incorporate a few uncommon words to stand out in the crowd and grab your readers’ attention. But these should not be more than 10 to 20% of your headline. Any more, and it would just make it too difficult to understand. Examples of uncommon words:

  • Here
  • Awesome (this surprised me)
  • Heart
  • World
  • Create
  • Make
  • More

Use power words

Power words, like emotional words, motivate readers to act on the information. They are different in that they are not commonly used. For impact, use one or two power words in your headline and no more. Examples of power words:

  • Best
  • Increase
  • Attract
  • Will make you
  • In the world
  • You’ve ever seen
  • For the first time


I put the headline for this article through Co-Schedule’s Headline Analyser (the free version) and achieved a score of 82%. As you can see, my headline was more than the ideal length but had all the other elements to achieve a reasonably high score.

Screenshot provided by the author

Based on the analysis completed by Headline Analyzer:

  • I have the right amount of common and uncommon words.
  • My headline has the right amount of “power” words. In this case, two— killer and increase.
  • According to Headline Analyser — which uses data from 4 million headlines — I am close to the correct word count.
  • Starting your headline with “How to” is highly effective. It suggests that the article promises to provide information.
  • The mood of the headline is positive.
  • The one negative feedback I received from Headline Analyser is that it “reads at grade 10 or higher and may be difficult for some readers.” I am okay with that considering my target audience.

I encourage you to try out the free version and see if you achieve more reads for your blogs and articles on medium and email campaigns.

If you would like content for your business, please feel free to contact me at info@jenniferthompsonmoneycoach.com

The screenshots were provided by the author

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