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8 Questions for Self-Reflection for 2023

8 Questions for Self-Reflection for 2023
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Self-reflection is an effective tool for growth. Now that 2022 is over, we can look back and see what went right and what did not. While constantly looking in the rearview mirror is not the safest way to drive, it helps to look at it briefly before turning to face the way ahead.

1. What accomplishments are you proud of in 2022?

We often forget to celebrate our achievements. Just because it did not come with a trophy doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the acknowledgment. So, start by reflecting on your advancements last year and pat yourself on the back. Self-reflection is not limited to disappointments. We must count our moments of triumph.

For me, the most significant part of 2022 was moving back to the city where my family lives. The city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Victoria is the mildest part of Canada and possibly one of the most beautiful parts of the world for me. Surrounded by water, you are always close to the ocean, stunning sunrises, and breathtaking beauty.

When I used to live here, I’d complain about the rain till I moved to Vancouver, which gets twice as much rain. After that, I promise never to complain about the rain! I am ashamed to admit that it took me to live elsewhere to appreciate what I had.

2. What were the biggest, most pleasant surprises you experienced?

I was pleasantly surprised by my capacity to get in touch with my emotions. Being more cerebral than emotional, I am in awe at my ability to delve deeply into my emotional state when needed. Life can be messy and compartmentalizing aspects of it was a strategy with limited use.

Being more integrated, where your body, mind, and spirit are aligned, is much healthier. Although it’s been challenging, it has also been rewarding.

Keeping yourself open to surprises is where miracles happen.

3. What five things were you most grateful for about 2022?

I am deeply grateful for my partner, family, business, health, and inner strength.

What are you most grateful for? Gratitude sets the tone for everything in life. When we are grateful for what we have, we become open to receiving other great things into our lives.

I appreciate how my partner and family have shown up for me in many ways. Regarding my calling, I appreciate that I can help people no matter where I live.

Let your reflections on what you can be grateful for be a part of your daily routine. The more you are grateful for, the more things show up in your life that you can continue to be grateful for.

4. How did you grow in this past year?

Last year was a year of tremendous growth in every conceivable way, especially when it comes to creativity in my business and a willingness to be vulnerable in my relationships.

If you have a growth mindset, then be prepared to grow. Growth often happens when life throws you things you never expected, and you respond in a way that reveals your capacity to adapt.

This is the part of self-reflection that requires brutal honesty. You’ll not regret it.

5. Self-reflect on the greatest struggles you faced this year

Growth happens through our struggles. We do all we can to avoid it, but it’s where we can expand.

The biggest struggle I faced in 2022 was patience. Only some things happen in the time you hoped. For example, nurturing close relationships, businesses, etc., takes time and patience.

6. Reflect on one thought you are currently holding on to that’s not serving your well-being

My self-belief is the one thing that has been shaken this past year. Before this, things often just fell into place. The one thought I am currently holding that is no longer serving me is self-doubt.

The whole purpose of self-reflection is to be able to change ideas, beliefs, and behaviors that hinder growth. It’s a tough one to do, but it’s how you break patterns.

7. What three things do you want to accomplish in 2023?

I want to successfully launch a money and investing evergreen webinar with my partner.

A three-month stay in Spain is another thing I desire to achieve. We’ve often spent summers in Greece and hope to do it in Spain this time.

The third thing I will accomplish this year is to consistently make an income of over $250K per year.

Being clear about what you desire and creating a plan to achieve it brings you closer to accomplishing it. Take some time and write down what you hope to achieve.

8. What one thought I’m currently holding on to that’s not serving my well-being?

The one thought I am currently holding on to that’s not helping me is that my partner needs to show up differently. She is perfect the way she is, and I don’t need her to be anything other than the way she is.

I need to take full responsibility for my expectations.

“Trade your Expectations for Appreciation, and the World Changes Instantly.”

Tony Robbins

And in 2023, I desire my entire world to change, beginning with my mindset because it always starts with how I think.

What are you hoping to change in 2023?

Sometimes the best way to change is to self-reflect on what is going well and what is not and to decide to leave behind what is no longer serving you.

We don’t always have the answer to achieving everything we desire, but we must stay curious about how things may appear.

This is not a post about money, but I know that our inner world affects our outer world, including our finances. Life is all about interconnectedness. Nurture one aspect and see the ripple effect on all aspects of your life.

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