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The Financial Coach

We live more fulfilling lives when we're on track to achieving our financial goals.

Getting there requires financial knowledge, changing behaviours, developing systems and prioritizing financial action steps.

That’s where I come in. As a financial coach, I am not affiliated with a financial institution; I will not sell you products.

I will provide you with objective advise that is tailor-made to your desires for your life. 

My responsibility is to provide you with a raod map to help you reach your goals.

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Money impacts most areas of our lives; from our relationships, the ability to afford life experiences, to our security and, living our desired lives. Most of us don’t have the personal support and guidance when it comes to making important financial decisions.

Empowering you to make sound financial decions and reach your financial goals is my primary goal, whether it be Investment, retirement planning or leaving a legacy.

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• Identify your goals.

• Financial literacy.

• Get out from the debt cycle once and for all.

• Learn to manage money wisely. 

• Remove money blocks, if there are any.

Investing that aligns with your goals.

• Couples financial therapy.

• Plan for your retirement.

• No Product push! 


Step 1

Identify your personal goals and a timeline for when you'd like to achieve them. Review your current financial situation. 

Step 2

Prioritise your goals. A plan is created with strategies on how to achieve those goals.

Step 3

Implementation of those strategies and a follow-up review to see that you're staying on tract.

Financial Coaching

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Why Work With Me?

I have twenty-five years of experience in finance, helping clients with credit, retirement and investment planning. I am also aware that the financial industry views money in terms of numbers. Money is more than just numbers. It's also about mindset and removing limiting beliefs. 

Transitional Finance Jennifer Thompson

Transitional Finance

Death of a spouse
Separation or divorce.
Job Loss

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Debt Management
Restructure debt
Pay off Debt
Use debt wisely
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Money Management
Learn how to live within your means
Save for unexpected expences
Save towards your goals
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Investment Planning
Get a second opinion or create a portfolio in alignment with your risk tolerance and financial objectives.  
 Low Cost Investments 
Unbiased No product push
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Retirement Planning
          Sources of retirement Income                      Making sense of pensions


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Money Mindset
Nurturing a wealth consciousness Eliminating money blocks 
 Eliminating shame, guilt and fear


Jennifer listens to your values and what matters to you. She then designs financial plans aligned with those values and goals.

I am truly happy to have worked with Jennifer.

janet adams Director (BC Govt.)

Jennifer is a good listener and takes time to uncover your goals and explain concepts. She is very patient with ensuring you understand the steps you need to take and is with you all the way.

Nancy lynch Entrepeneur

I worked with Jennifer on how to invest. She broke it down for me and we have established an investment plan that aligns with my goals and financial objectives. I feel comfortable working with her in a way I have never felt at a bank

rebekah erickson
Project Manager

Jennifer was such a pleasure to work with a clear and defined path to financial freedom.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for independent financial advise and well thought out financial plan.

Christina labarca Consultant

Excellent financial advise from Jennifer helped me make good decisions. 

She's reliable, well-informed and always available to help.

Uma rani Univ. Professor

There are lots of areas that have been confusing to me and Jennifer has a way of making sense of it all. Thank you for empowering me with this knowledge.

Rachel hayek
Certified Leadership Coach

"Jennifer has it all! She has the rare ability to use her emotional brain as well as logical in assessing your individual financial profile. She took a holistic approach in helping us to understand the root cause behind some of our ideas and habits surrounding finances, and reprogram our mindset to create a financial plan and (sustainable) path forward. 

We are thrilled to be on a path to financial independence and are confident we can live our best lives along the way thanks to Jennifer! Her work is so meaningful in that it's changed not only our lives, but will impact our children and their children for generations to come!"

Marjanna Hanson
IT Specialist, Federal Govt.

Complimentary 30-Minute Call

Nothing Will Be Offered or Sold On The Phone. 

During our call we will discuss your current situation, I will explain my process and we'll see if we are a good fit.

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