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How Can I Help?

My Areas of Expertise

1. Cash Management/Budgetting

Know what's coming in and what's leaving—plug leakages. Saving towards goals.

2. Credit

This can include restructuring of potential tax-deductible debt (good debt)

Planning to pay off bad debt.

Mortgages – rates, refinancing etc.

3. Insurance

Insurance - to create an estate or minimize taxes.

Insurance - to protect the family from loss of income when you die or become disabled.

How much is needed?

Universal Life vs Term vs Whole Life

4. Investment Plan

Intentional Investing

Adopting strategies to minimize volatility.

Asset allocation Platforms available.

5. Estate Plan

The distributing of your assets upon death in a way that aligns with your desires.

This should include a Will, Power of Attorney, and A Health Care Directive.

6. Tax Plan RRSPs vs TFSAs vs FHSA

Tax favorable investing (dividend-paying stocks and dividend-paying ETFs)

Business vs Personal Incorporating


7. Retirement Plan

Financial independence - can be at any time of your life.

Pensions/Pension Splitting Retirement Plans.

Defined benefit vs Defined contribution.

Living abroad